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Wednesday, October 8, 2008 | 1:10 AM
Rate Me!
Hey guys. I know I dont really need it, but I added a thing to rate each of my posts. It sounded fun, so I added it. I feel cool now because I figured out how to install it all on my own. Well not all on my own. The site gave me instructions, but I did follow the instructions on my own! That has to be worth something.

Of course, I will be expecting 5's from everybody. If not, Ill be a sad Taylor : (

The site that had that rating thing also has a comments thing too. I might try that out and see how it goes once I start getting some more posts on here and more people start reading it (hopefully) and commenting on it (hopefully). I need the attention, so spread the word. Ill make out with you if you tell your friends. You cant pass up that offer.

HaloScan has this, and the account is free. It lets you track all the crap, too. Its confusing to me. JS-Kit.com has them too, and you dont have to sign up for an account, and its much easier for a simple-minded girl like me to understand.

(No one has actually rated yet. The only votes on there are me playing with it to see if it works properly.)

- Taylor