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Wednesday, October 8, 2008 | 5:43 PM
Lets Just Be Friends
I went to the interview at the strip club today. They want me to take the job.

It went so well. They asked me about my experience and training, showed me around, introduced me to the girls, and had me make a few drinks for them to see if I knew what I was doing. Once all that was done, the manager took me back to his office and had me take off my shirt and bra, which was a little weird. I was so nervous. I dont have the biggest boobs in the world, so I thought they were going to let me down and keep me from not getting the job. But, they didnt. The manager said they arent the biggest, but they have good shape? So whatever. He liked it, and creeped me out, and gave me the job.

Now I just have to decide if Im going to take it.

Im so sad. Sarah is leaving for New York on Sunday night. Im going to be all alone for 3 days. I have a surprise for when she comes back, though. I wont say what it is because I dont want her to find out, but she will love it, and it will be so exciting. I cant wait for her to come back already.

I have a question for you guys. When you meet a guy and he asks you out for a few drinks strictly as friends, does he ever mean it? The reason I ask is because I had two guys come in and sit in my section today. They were really nice, and by the end of their meals, one of them asked me if I want to have a few drinks with him tonight. I figured he was asking me on a date, so I told him hes barking up the wrong tree, and that my girlfriend wouldnt approve of me going on a date with a guy. At first he was a little surprised, then he says that it wont be a date, just two new friends going out for drinks.

I told him no thanks, but it has me wondering, was he really just wanting to have drinks as friends and not as a date? I have a hard time believing it wouldnt be a date, but why would he still want to go out with me after I tell him I have a girlfriend? I know guys try to hook up with lesbians all the time - Sarah talks about that a lot in her blog - but this guy really made it seem like he had no intentions of trying to hook up with me.

So what do you all think? Is it possible he really didnt have any ulterior motives, or was he being a typical douche bag and lying to me to get me where he wants me so he can hopefully convince me to fuck him?

- Taylor