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Thursday, October 9, 2008 | 7:25 PM
Its A Pefect Day
I have rekindled my love for Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground. I remember when I was a teenager and would smoke pot and listen to Venus In Furs. Those were the days.

Music has always had such a big influence in my life. I dont know if influence is the right word, actually, but it has always been important to me. When I think about different stages of my life, and different things that Ive been through, I can always remember what music or bands I was listening to at that point in time. There is always a soundtrack to everything you do.

Right now, my soundtrack would be kind of like, Fiona Apple (how typical, right?). Her music is so sexy, as is she. I can relate to a lot of things she talks about too. Its nice to hear something you feel like youve been through.

What about you? What would be the soundtrack to your life right now? Name a few songs or styles or whatever. I think you can learn a lot about a person and what is going on in their life by the type of music they are listening to at any given time, so also, if you feel open enough, tell me what your life is like currently, too, so we can see if there are any similarities to the music. It will be a fun little experiment.

- Taylor